Un nouveau voyage à Stockholm

C’est depuis octobre que la valise s’impatientait pour repartir vers de nouvelles aventures. Retour chez Gastrologik en attendant un nouveau voyage après la visite des meilleurs restaurants d’Amérique du Sud dont Central, Kjolle, Maido, Mayta et Statera à Lima au Pérou. Mon amie Linda, une foodie suédoise rencontrée l’année dernière à Oaxen m’accompagnera pour un dîner dans ce restaurant qui a su gagner une étoile supplémentaire au guide Michelin.

Besides the food experience, the main reason of my visit was to participate to the Stockholm Santa Run. A charity event for children with function disabilities. After the three kilometers race, it is relax time and time for sauna. Swedes call it bastu when the execution follow the state of the art: back and forth between sweating naked in the hot sauna and the frozen lake water. It is an interesting experience to feel like a local but let’s back to restaurants for a review of the top3 restaurants during this week.


Ekstedt chef’s table

There is no electric griddle or gas stove at Ekstedt. Only the natural heat of fire help the chefs to cook. The large menu is six courses with lobster, cabbage, scallop, turbot and reindeer. Tasting and feeling the smoke and the wood fired cooking difference on the ingredients is an exclusive experience in the world. For the more traditionalists, Kvarnhagen cheese with Gotland truffles and caramelized shallots and a glass of white wine is an ideal choice to end the dinner. The service is lovely and attentive which contrast and make the wait time between courses forgettable. Notably, there is a kitchen tour at the beginning of the dinner to let guests understand what is under the hood and think about the cooking techniques and tools. A refreshing approach of the kitchen tour.

Sushi Sho

Smoked egg yolk and tuna

It is the most Japanese restaurant of Sweden following the edomae style. All the guests must arrive at the same time in the restaurant as everyone in the restaurant start to dine together. Carl, the sushi head chef follow the traditional omakase. The guests listen, observe and eat while the chef is cooking in front of all. Otoro is the most noble part of a tuna and every guest will have the choice between sashimi, nigiri or tartare with caviar topping for the service. To accompany the fish, the Sake pairing is a must. Again, Sushi import import exclusive fermented sake with an acid note and white color. Another foodie sitting next to me frequently goes to Japan, know tips to bring back sake bottles in a safe way to the most beautiful country in the world and Sushi Sho is its favorite place in Stockholm.


Ålesund langoustine, seaweed pancake and kohlrabi

This is the second visit at Gastrologik but the first with the two stars reward. There is still a menu of twenty snacks that change every day based on the ingredients availability and quality with a focus on the season. Previously, there was only sea and earth products from Sweden. It seems there is a change in the strategy. The borders has expand to Norway and Iceland for fish and sea urchin. The flavors, textures and freshness are exploding in mouth. It is now more refined and every bite has its own personality. Still, they are successful to keep an overall balance for the whole experience. Mastering the juice pairing is an art. Indeed, it lack some punch compared to Alouette’s pairing and could be improved as well as the service since Hanna W departure from the restaurant general manager position.

Other must-visit experiences this week

  • Vete-Katten for pastry and coffee
  • Snö for ice cream
  • Christmas buffet at Den Gyldene Freden
  • Reindeer meat at Marten Trotzig
  • Burger at Bun Meat Bun
  • The French Connection meetup at Kaferang

Ok but drinks?

Read the Bartender’s Choice Awards 2019 article. A great human story is coming.

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