Noiseless confectionnent de la bière en silence

Today I visited Noiseless for the second time this year. While some takes time to do renovation work at their restaurant, visit cheese and wine producers, some are creating their own business during the pandemic. Eric, Luc and Raphael are the fierce owners of noiseless, the new nano-brewery gem hidden in a street of Antibes. Near Mamo restaurant they makes beer … in silence but with a strong smell of cereals as soon as you enter in their small basement generously lend by Omar from one way café. Describing themselves as the beer geeks, they experiment latest trends, techniques and mix of malt, yeasts and hops in their Antibes lab.

Smell the cereals

A lot of brewery have pop on the riviera but most of them fail to produce interesting beers with a national resonance. I hope noiseless will fix that and make Antibes shining on the brewing scene. The team is knowledgeable, motivated, ambitious and willing to share their passion around. This is few qualities I’ve observed in the food industry that lead to success but let’s see how it goes in the future. Being quite new, they are currently experimenting flavors and visitors are welcome to see the factory and always on fire to share, discuss beer and give feedback. They cook IPA (India Pale Ale) and NEIPA (New England IPA, made of oat) with brewtech hardware. It is beer with a high amount of hop flavor either fruity, citrus, floral, herbal, earthy, piney or spicy, the bitter may vary a lot and is generally visually unclear. It takes three weeks for a beer to be ready to drink. After the small world (SW) serie, it’s now time for the street art (SA) serie these days. Stored in cans, the best for preserving from air and light, so far 2000 of them have been dispatched around in the foodies homes.

IPA paradise

Beers have an ABV (Alcohol amount) between 5 and 7%, an IBU (Bitterness level from 0 to 150) up to 61 for the rye IPA. Hops are peach, citrus, passion fruit, raspberry but a new beer made of black rye is cooking these days and should be ready soon. It will be their first batch of dark ale. As you know, Antibes is a small village thus collaboration projects with others will emerge this year but I will keep it a secret for now. Lastly, I tasted the rye SA#02. A moment in the fridge to fully enjoy the rye and bitterness of it. On a food pairing note, pork ribs and morbier cheese made the perfect combination. Feel free to check their website but the best is to visit the beer lab located in the Impasse Andreossy.

Noiseless Antibes

3 réflexions sur “Noiseless confectionnent de la bière en silence

  • 2021-04-10 à 23:19

    Where in Antibes can we find this micro brewery?

    • 2021-04-11 à 09:54

      Hi David,
      The brewery is located at 21 impasse andreossy in the old town.
      It is between mamo restaurant and JP the barber shop.
      There is no strict opening schedule but more chance on the weekends.
      Exception for today as they go to Barcelona to get some malt.
      They put a sign outside in the street when you can visit.



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