Bartender’s Choice Awards 2019

The event is in Grand Hotel, Stockholm. This is the day where it’s not the good day to have a cocktail in town. All the best bartenders from the nordics gather to celebrate, cheers and have fun.

I’ve heard about it at Hobo as they host the after-party. All drinks were replaced with sponsors’s ones so I decides to move to Le Hibou. This is a chic rooftop bar located at Bank, a small luxury hotel open last year. Actually, the bar is popular among swedes including starred chefs like Carl, sushi head chef at Sushi Sho. Le Hibou is a nominee for the best new cocktail bar. The menu includes a dozen of cocktails. My choice is going to the Sichuan wood as a throwback to Peru and to get a spicy note to contrast the cold weather outside. The Sichuan wood is made of pisco from Chile, peach, thai chili, sichuan pepper, citrus and egg white.

Sichuan wood at Le Hibou

After spending some time at Le Hibou, let’s move to the BCA afterparty. The place is so full that the top bartenders of the nordics start to help the local barmaid behind the bar. Good time here! The day before, we went to a bar called Gemma with Linda before our dinner at Gastrologik. The Gemma owners Johan Evers and Oscar Drigoris, are both very respected in the bar industry. Not a surprise they win the best new cocktail bar award. After a long recovery night, let’s go to the after-after party at Tjoget. They win the best cocktail bar award in Stockholm and still held the 37th place at the worlds 50 best bar in the world. There, I recognized some faces from a previous travel in Oslo. Svanen win the best new cocktail bar in Norway and Himkok win the best international cocktail bar award. Hence, I tried the Tjoget signature cocktail made of beetroot sous-vide infused vodka, coconut syrup, lemon, ginger and grated nutmeg. Superb!

A bar called Gemma, the banks of Monkey Island cocktail. Banks 7 golden blend, hibiskus, mandel, citrus, champagne

A few hours later, I met the US brand representative selling the Åhus aquavit for Pernod-Ricard at my hotel. So here we are with another round. This conclude the Stockholm trip. The head in the snow! See you later for another social experience.